Friday, April 17, 2009

How do government carry out their policy making decisions?

At times of crisis or social unrest,wars,calamity,what do government carry out their decisions based on ?

Do put on your priority of the below based on your own thinking,the experiences that you have came across upon any "calamities" that you have and do tell which group are you from if you do not mind

1)country interest,

2)their own party political interest,

3)reputation of some prominent figures

4)majority of the people opinions

5)religions,social economic,social,political,etc(which is the factor that comes first)

6) whatever successfully results in a larger federal budget, larger government, and more government power over the people

we as citizens, fail to see the additional reasons for politicians to carry out policy and make decisions. We see it as the end user, as a service receiver, and rarely as a tax payer, but never as the one with the power.

ultimately, all descisions are made according to whatever allows expansion of government size, cost, and power. in times of crisis, this expansion is accelerated as attention citizens pay to government is lowered.

I would say party political interest, but both parties (the republicans and democrats) work in conjunction for this. 2 may be correct if we could include 3rd parties like the Libertarian or Constitution party which does not have the objective of government expansion, but as is with the 2 parties, political interest is identical.

Peoples opinions matter, if they allow government to expand in the ways I mentioned in some way shape or form. Peoples opinion does not matter, EVER, if it involves reducing government size, or budget, or power.

"Country interest" is usually code for socialisation of something - which is expansion of government. It could also be expansion of interventionism, which increases federal budget greatly and often leads to overthrowing some sovereign land to install a dictator, which always leaves us with 'unforseen' debts for the task. Debt, that has n e v e r been paid down.

reputation of prominent figures are important. they are the idols, who can promote government expanding programs. one popular candidate can nail an american citizen with 10s of thousands in debt, hidden in inflation. I would say religous figures work this same way. Mainly those who benefit from "faith based initiatives" which is just welfare for preachers to put out a good word for the administration who paid them with stolen tax money.

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